Saturday, January 10, 2015

Flash Fiction by C. Angelo Caci

One Note Samba

Pen writing on quicksand on the table in a coffee house on the West Coast stuck in a girl in the East night freckles shining star eyes spilling into my Italian roast while the melody of a one note samba reaches the bridge spanning time and distance she cums from the sand flowing up into my pen--dressed to murder adolescence--and I slip slide feet on fire across the junior high school's tierra del fuego's slick maple plank floor as a sand spits in Rio de Janeiro's blues swaying to the rhythm of the One Note Samba carried on breezes blown and breathed into each other's ear and the moment the gym the dance in the city away from my childhood far far far away seen as for the very first time from a capsule not like the one your mother gave you and the whole things played with just one note.

Author C. Angelo Caci had stated that he didn't begin to write seriously until he had something to write about, until he lived some, that is outside the wonderful virtual world of academia.  Although he'd experienced, in his own words, a rather sketchy formal education--Syracuse University, California Institute of Art--he considered himself to be self-taught, much in the vein of a very dear friend and mentor, the late Hubert Selby, Jr.  As for publishing experience, several of Mr. Caci's stories have been published, and these are all made freely accessible to the public on a web site along with the names of those publishers.  He's written several novels, novellas, creative non-fiction (memoirs), short stories, flash fiction, poetry, essays, and other madness, such as social and political satire that's posted daily on various social forums.

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