Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flash Fiction by Denny E. Marshall

Mice Of Mars

Chapter 1

The craft lands on a small grass field with several buildings. The hatch opens and the aliens explore the surrounding area. They see life forms moving about and head in their direction. They follow them into a small doorway in one of the buildings. Once they catch up to them, one of the aliens greets the life forms. The life forms are similar to the aliens in size and appearance thought the head and tail are different. The life forms they encounter are common mice.

Chapter 2

Soon the aliens and the mice are carrying on a dialog. The visitors from space and their new friends seemed to have a lot in common. Thou the mice lacked the communication skills that aliens have. All was going well until the aliens noticed a large giant walk by in the distant. The aliens are terrified of the giant. The mice seem quite cautious, though not fearful. They are “humans” the mice explain. The mice inform the aliens to keep a safe distance. Soon one of the mice runs by the human. You could hear a female human screaming and see her running away. The aliens are impressed by the control the mice have over the humans. The aliens even more impressed the next day when the humans lay out a large box of a meal.

Chapter 3

Later that night after the humans have fallen asleep, the mice and the aliens feed on the meal. The aliens stunned by the large size of the meal. The humans must really be scared of the mice. The aliens noticed the text on the meal box said warning. The aliens have no idea what warning is. Whatever it is, it is delicious and all the mice and aliens stuff themselves. After the meal, they enjoy some conversation. After that, the aliens are ready to depart. They thank their guests and promise to return. Then they make there way to the their craft. Soon the ship takes off into the night sky.

Chapter 4

It is not long into their return voyage when all aboard start to feel sick. The crew is having a hard time controlling the craft. The problems seem to multiply. They notice the uninhabited red planet they passed earlier and head straight towards it. They would have preferred an inhabited planet. The emergency landing did not go well. The good news they are still alive. The bad news the ship is heavily damaged and the entire crew is very sick. That night and the next few days all the crewmembers are dead except about a dozen. The surviving crew tries to make the best of situation. First, they adjust their breathing system to the atmosphere of the planet. Then gut the ship and make it into living quarters. They add rooms and buildings from the discarded materials gutted from the ship as the years go by. However, the crewmembers only lasted a few decades before they run out of food and water.

Chapter 5

(Four hundred years later.)
They can see the surface of Mars. The landing craft is slowly approaching. Soon they touch down. Captain Tanner will be the first human to touch the surface of Mars. Tanner walks down the landing stairs and cameras of all sorts are at the ready when the surface is touched. The sun is shining the horizon a reddish brown. After a celebration of walking around and jumping, Tanner notices a reflection off in the distance. The object is about hundred meters away to the north. From here, it looks like a shiny object she thought. As the rest of the crew arrives, the captain points out the object to them. The group slowly walks over to the area.

Chapter 6

Back on Earth, the news is everywhere. No matter the media, the story is the same. The headlines all over the world are the same. “Evidence of life found on Mars”
Denny E. Marshall has had poetry recently published and rejected.

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