Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flash Fiction by Louis Marvin

Cold Cut Anger

Up pops a man from his ballgame. He is intent on having a salami sandwich. He gets to the refrigerator door, looks at the magnets and school lunch menu and family pictures and smiles.

Inside the refrigerator the familiar yellow pack is upside down. He pulls it out, turns it over, and his happiness is replaced with anger.

“What the fuck is this?”

It's bologna. And the bologna feels his anger.

“She knows I wanted salami.”

The bologna is smart enough to know that he is what he is. He cannot change himself into another cold cut, and he is in no way inferior to salami.

When the man looked in the pantry for liverwurst, and even handled the peanut butter, he could have latched onto this. But, his self esteem was intact.

He was at least out of the fridge. He looked at the man and saw him shrug. He went back to the fridge and got the bread and mustard.

Believe in yourself, even if they say you're bologna and they want something else.

Don't forget, bologna is good too.
Louis Marvin:  on this pacific island with chinese girls, born burbank, lived phoenix, loves the island teacher, coach, ex-soldier, writer/artist, tennis champion

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