Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flash Fiction by Roo Bardookie

Murder in The Bush, Mist in The Air

          The lighthouse keeper saw it, but didn’t know what he saw.  Then in the ½ hour just before his true vigil, as he trained his eyes to go from the near dark to true dark, he saw some folks by the bathrooms, by the bushes.  It was the last time he saw two of them.
          The waves crash at this beach park, across from Sea Life Park, like the opening to the original Dark Shadows.  The crush here of water on rock is the dark symphony.
          He couldn’t talk the younger, weaker man into fucking or dick sucking.  So he went for the rape, only a rape, only a sodomy and breaking and entering his person.
“But damn him!”
“Damn him.”
          He would later tell the officers, the jury, the cell mates and God, that it was his fault for yelling no.  No infuriated him.
          He cracked him upside the head, fucked him, and choked him with a belt.
          In the sea salt air, it did not take long for a body to decompose.
          This was why the lighthouse keeper only saw one person leaving the bushes, by the bathrooms at the ocean park, across from Sea Life Park.

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