Friday, January 25, 2013

Flash Fiction by Sarah Flint

The Time Witch and the Forgetting Wizard

‘You’re mischievous’ he said, putting his hand between her legs. In the corner of the Friday filled pub she laughed into his eyes and they made a date for a date. In the Friday filled pub he grinned at her keenness and sexy tights. ‘Up for some fun?’ she asked, rubbing against his long legs. She wanted to purr. She watched his hands. They aroused her.
Their grins were from Cheshire as they went through the orange and black night to his accommodating accommodation. ‘Just a bit of fun’, they told themselves. ‘We can have our cake and eat it’, they told themselves.
In the muddled bedroom they got naked, laughing. They had careless sex carefully. They kept their thoughts out of the room and their hands on each other. He watched his face and she smiled into his eyes. They delighted in their greed.
She saw the beginning and remembered the lopsided grin. He saw the middle and remembered the fun. They tucked away the hurt, disappointment and the betrayal under the pillow. She was a Time Witch - she could rewind time and stop it before it got to the painful end. He was a Wizard who could forget anything and everything.
But the feathers from the pillow escaped and tickled her nose and irritated her eyes. A huge sneeze blew away the pillow and the hurt and betrayal and disappointment came flying out. Time unwound to the bitter end. This was an out-of-date cake and they had no more spells to cast.
Sarah Flint is based in the south west of the Uk where she writes poetry and flash fiction that sometimes appears on the Web. (She hasn't the patience to write anything longer).

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