Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flash Fiction by Mark Hudson

A real tough librarian

I went to the Skokie library with my friend Chris.

I live in Evanston, but heard the Skokie library is nice.

It has a really wide selection of books.

I strolled through the aisles amazed at the selection.

I picked out an art book, and a book on castles

for a giant painting I'm working on. Then we

went to check the books out. There was a man

ahead of us. Sounded like he was checking out

travel DVDS for his wife. The man said to the

teenage male librarian, "My wife can watch these

while I watch football." The librarian said,

"I would personally rather watch hockey."

The man said, "Oh, I hate hockey!" and walked off.

We got to the front. I started checking out books.

Chris began to talk to the librarian about hockey.

The librarian said, "Yes, sometimes in the winter

I go to Michigan and play ice hockey. I like it

because you get to hit somebody." I never

heard of a tough librarian. On the way out,

my friend Chris said, "I was about to yell at

that old man. How can you put down hockey?"

I was just glad to get my books. But I've

had them a week and I've barely looked at them.

Too bad the hockey players are on strike.

And too bad my tv only gets like two channels.

Guess I'll have to keep reading and writing.
Mark Hudson is a published poet, and 2012 has been his most successful year.  He had two poems published in Reckless Writing, five poems published in creature features, one poem published on-line by A.J. Huffman, his poems can be found on-line at and

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