Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flash Fiction by Henry Brasater

The undergraduate sipped his coffee at my table while I finished lunch in the Chestnut Village retirement community café. After introductions and his apologies for asking to share my table because seating was at a premium, we talked nonstop about his uncertain future; his options, hopes and dreams. From the moment he sat down, I felt discomfort increasing until I realized that he reminded me of me at his age. I became speechless, remembering my dashed dreams and hopes; wondering if the same was in store for him. Suddenly, I was gripped with terror and became speechless. The last thing that I saw on earth was me, as last month’s attack revisited my heart.
Henry Brasater's stories appear in ezines,print magazines and anthologies and his latest ebook is "The Upheaval," published by DHG Press.

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